Skillz Goes After Uncle Murda On "Murda Gram" Diss Record

By Alox

New year, new beef.

We're only three days into 2018 and hip hop already has its newest beef.

As Skillz re-capped the year with his popular "Rap Up 2017", Uncle Murda quickly dropped his version. Murda has been following Skillz' lead for a few years now with this series.

Apparently, this time around, Skillz received an Instagram message from Murda where he insulted both Skillz and the song (See below).

Not only did Skillz publicly  display this message and tell Uncle Murda he DM'd the wrong dude, he also retaliated with a diss, "Murda Gram". 

This four minute long blow is pretty harsh:

You signed to G-Unit ten years too late!

This is just one of many blows. Listen to all the shots below:

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