Sir Mix-A-Lot Reveals Jennifer Lopez Was Inspiration For 'Baby Got Back'

By HHL Editors

Thanks to naked Kim Kardashian, everybody's talking about the booty this week. So it was just a matter of time until somebody asked Sir Mix-A-Lot  what he thinks.

The man who got the whole ass thing really rolling with his 1992 karaoke classic 'Baby Got Back' told TMZ that he has been admiring KK's derriere like everybody else. But when it comes to whose butt gets him most sprung, he's sticking old school with J-Lo.

In fact, the 51-year old revealed that it was Lopez's ass -- which he saw when she was doing her Fly Girl routine on In Living Color -- that acted as the muse for his immortal track.

Yeah, it's a little odd that this has taken 22 years to get out, but we'll take Mix-A-Lot's word for it. J-lo certainly has an inspiring butt, even at age 45.

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