Shyne Intends To Be Prime Minister Of Belize

By HHL Editors

Shyne is best known for being Puff Daddy's Bad Boy fall guy in a notorious 1999 shoot em up at a Manhattan club.

After his release from prison in 2009, Shyne was deported to his homeland of Belize, where his estranged father Dean Barrow was (and still is) Prime Minister.

Apparently, Shyne has patched things up with dad during his exile from the United States, because in an interview with Bossip the 37 year old said he just might follow his father as Prime Minister.

"I’m going to be in Parliament in Belize very soon. I’m going to be leading my nation and contributing to my nation with all the capacity that I have. My father is the right honorable prime minister, and he’s retiring and I’m succeeding him and my uncle. So I can continue in the legacy of my father and serve the people."
Belize is a tiny country of only 370,000 people.

Still, being an actual head of state would make Shyne the biggest boss the rap game has ever produced.

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