Too Short Arrested For Trying To Get Loaded Gun On A Plane


Even before the days of Osama, the airport was not a place to bring a loaded gun. Now you have to be smoking something strong to think you're going to get a weapon of any kind past TSA.

Maybe that's what was going on with Too Short on Wednesday. The West Coast pioneer's carry on bag triggered alarm bells at a checkpoint at the Bob Hope airport in Burbank because it contained a loaded firearm. The 48-year old then fled the scene -- still in his socks -- leaving his belongs, including his wallet, behind.

He returned the next day with his attorney to retrieve his stuff and also face the inevitable arrest. He is due in court on November 3.

This isn't the first time the rapper born Todd Anthony Shaw tried and failed to escape the long arm of the law. Last year he tried to make a run for it on foot after being pulled over for suspicionĀ of DWI. The cops caught him and he ended up getting three years probation.

Anyway, back to his current problems. We're trying to think of something dumber than attempting to get a loaded gun on a plane in your carry on bag. Maybe sticking drugs inside of the gun?

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