Watch Shooting Erupt At Lil Lonnie Memorial Service


So far, Lil Lonnie hasn't been allowed to rest in peace.

Gunfire broke out at a candle vigil for the late rapper, who was shot to death in his car last week.

About a thousand people showed up for his memorial service in Jackson, Mississippi, where Lonnie lived and died.

A gunman scattered the crowd not long after the service began. Luckily, no one was hit and there were no serious injuries. 

You can see video of the incident in this local news report.

"I just saw people running towards me, people falling over, so I immediately start running when I hear them shooting," said a witness who didn't want to be identified.

"I think that was so disrespectful," said another mourner who spoke to WLBT 3. "People coming to pay their respects, you shoot at this candlelight vigil? That's nonsense. This crime needs to stop."

Police are actively looking for both Lonnie's killer and the candlelight vigil shooter, but so far haven't identified any suspects.

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