Shmurda's Lawyer Says No Rappers Have Reached Out To Bobby

By HHL Editors

You've heard the "Free Shmurda" shout outs and seen its hashtags. But when it comes to actually supporting Bobby and his GS9 crew the rap community has stayed away.

During an interview with Doggie Diamonds, Shmurda's lawyer Kenneth Montgomery explained that while his client and the other GS9 defendants have had plenty of support from their Brooklyn neighborhood, nobody from the music industry has extended any kind of helping hand.

"The names and all that stuff ... no," Montgomery explained when asked about industry support. "No one has reached out. To be honest, these rappers don't have any money. So, what are they really going to do?"
Next, Montgomery dispensed a hard truth about the rap game:

"These rappers aren't millionaires.  They're personalities and brands. And that's all they are ... They take out loans. They don't own their masters. They don't own their tour buses ... A lot of tax issues. But, they're living the lifestyle .. It's just a mess. Nobody's being honest."
The pertinent video starts at about 11:45.
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