Shia LaBeouf Hits Lil Yachty, Drake, Hot 97 And More In New Freestyle [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

Shia LeBeouf got a lot of attention last month from a surprising strong freestyle he spit for Sway in The Morning.

He was back at it today on The Breakfast Club, and this time he was on the attack.

He starts off with by going after Hot 97, since Rosenberg had dissed him. During that riff, he takes a shot at Drake's fake Jamaican accent.

But the actor really has something to say about Lil Yachty. Referring to him by his government name Miles Parks McCollum, LeBeouf spends a good minute tearing apart Boat, whom he calls "Lil Romeo meets Raggedy Ann" and "The Kwame Brown of rap."

Yachty is a pretty easy target. But you have to say Shia has a way with words.

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