Shia LaBeouf Arrested For Assault At Anti-Trump Protest [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

A few days ago Shia LaBeouf was able to keep things verbal when somebody reciting a white supremacist mantra interrupted Shia's "he will not divide us" anti-Trump Livestream

However, he got physical last night when another disruptor praised Hitler.

LaBeouf, who is half-Jewish, shoved the man after he says "Hitler did nothing wrong."

Cops say the victim and witnesses claim Shia also pulled the guy's scarf and scratched him.

Here's video of LaBeouf getting arrested and taken away.

Like with the other incident, it's unclear if the disruptor was expressing a genuine racist opinion or was just trying to provoke LaBeouf.

If Shia is going to spend the next four years protesting -- as he's said he is -- he needs to get better at ignoring provocations.

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