Shannon Sharpe Says He Would Have Whooped Michael Jordan if Denied Food

By Benny Franklin

The Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan documentary  The Last Dance has had everyone in their feelings as of late, especially Detroit Pistons players Isiah Thomas and Bill Laimbeer.

Another person who is in his feelings is a former NFL Player and current FS1 host, Shannon Sharpe

Earlier today on the FS1 show, UNDISPUTED, Sharpe discussed the documentary and the situation regarding Jordan keeping food from his teammates, specifically, Horace Grant. 

Sharpe says if Jordan would have kept food from him, he would have fought him every day until he beat him. 

 “I’d have whipped Mike’s ass.. Mike would have had to whip me, or I’ma whip him. Because for you to tell someone not to feed me because you didn’t think I had a good game, we gon’ fight every day until I beat Mike. Mike might whip me, but I’ma make it so difficult, he’d never wanna fight me again.”

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