Shannon Sharpe Addresses The Rumors That He's Gay


Shannon Sharpe has become a force in the culture since freeing himself from the clutches of Skip Bayless.

With that higher profile has come greater scrutiny.

Comedians like Mike Epps and Eddie Griffin have suggested Sharpe is a closeted homosexual.

Sharpe has addressed that:

"I get it.  Moved on.  That's what they want to do, have at it.  I gave my sister my word ... She said Shannon, what did granny always tell us.  She said a lie will die.  She said Shannon, at some point you'll learn you can't fight the devil everyday because you'll fight a neverending war.  Pick and choose the battles you want to fight.  This ain't one you want to fight.  Let them say whatever.  You know who you are," Shannon said.

Who do you think Shannon is?

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