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See Which Rappers Have The Most Fake Followers On Twitter

By HHL Editors

One of the best ways to prove you're a baller is to have lots of followers on social media.

However, we all know followers can be bought.

That's where TwitterAudit -- a service that calls out fake followers -- comes in.

In an interview with HipHopDx, TwitterAudit's creative directer David Gross explained why this is important.

"We wanted to figure out who was telling the truth and actually generated real engagement and knew how to grow a brand organically," Gross says. "This is super valuable to marketing agencies or anyone applying for a job in media. If you want to sell tweets under your name, 'cause you have 100,000 followers, what am I actually buying? 100,000 real, engaged individuals, that will receive my message and potential buy my goods? Or am I buying 100,000 bots, which is in essence fraud?
Check out the results of for some of your favorite rappers, and you can do your own testing here.

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Gross offered some words of caution for those who read too much into this.

"Famous people are always more likely to be near the Twitter average, 50% fake/inactive,” he says. "The more popular a person is, the more likely that person is to be followed. The more likely you are to be followed, the higher the probability that you will be followed by an inactive or fake bot.
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