See How The Magic City Strip Club Fuels Rise Of Rappers Like Future

By HHL Editors

Rap fans surely know about the Magic City strip club in Atlanta.

But they may not know just how influential the mammary mecca is in the rap game.

A QQ article details how important it is for rappers to get their records played in Magic City. It uses the rise of Future as an example of what can happen once the strippers start gyrating to your sounds.

Consider the rapper Future. Not five years ago, Future was virtually unknown. He used to hang out at Magic City every week, back near the DJ booth. Esco started playing Future's music. Esco started playing his music a lot. Eventually Future started to dominate Magic City. And when he started dominating Magic City, suddenly he was played on the radio; suddenly he signed a major record deal. Suddenly, Future became a guy who gets engaged to Ciara and takes her to sit in the front row at Milan Fashion Week.
Esco explained that the strippers' taste has a lot to do with what gets played.

"The girls pick what record pops in the streets. They pick what rapper pops in the streets," Esco said. "The girls at Magic City are the streets."
It's not so bad when the best path to career advancement is hanging out in the strip club and making friends with the girls.

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