Scott Storch's Girlfriend Claims His Life Has Been Threatened By Music Execs

By HHL Editors

When we last heard from Scott Storch he was being sued by brothers Brad and Seth Cohen.

The Cohens said they bankrolled Storch after his bankruptcy, giving him a weekly salary, a home in Florida and a Rolls Royce under the condition he stay drug free. When he didn't stay drug free, they sued for the million dollars they put up to to help him with his comeback.

Now BOSSIP has obtained court papers in which Storch's girlfriend Florence Mirsky alleged that the Cohens threatened to rub Storch out when thing started going sour.

"The Cohens threatened to have a ‘mafia hit man’ kill Scott Storch and/or myself,” Florence Mirsky said in court papers obtained by BOSSIP. “Therefore, we flew to Los Angeles to be with our family, where we felt we were safe.”
She also told the court that the contract Storch signed with the Cohens last year was done so under duress and intimidation.

“He stated to me that he had no opportunity to show it to an attorney and the Cohens threatened him physically if he didn’t not sign it the moment it was presented to him.”
The Cohens deny the charges, saying they only demanded Storch return the Rolls Royce they gave him.

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