Scott Storch Declares Bankruptcy (Again)

By HHL Editors

Scott Storch was once worth $70 million, thanks to the hits he produced for the likes of Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Fat Joe, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne.

He famously blew all that money on drugs, homes, girls and plane rides, and had to declare bankruptcy in 2009.

He's been working since then, producing tracks for Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Drake and many others. But it looks like he's still spending more than he makes because he's again filed Chapter 11, claiming he has only $3,600 to his name: $100 in cash, $500 in clothes and a $3000 watch.

The 41-year old also says all of his music companies are worthless, and he only made 10K in 2014.

Lately, Storch has been trying to break into EDM. Now he'll have to start from the bottom again.

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