Scooter Braun Says He Still Works With Kanye But Won't Be His Manager

By Daryl Nelson

Kanye West fired his manager Scooter Braun a few months ago.  But Braun said he still works with him. It turns out Kanye contacted Braun after he let him go and asked for his assistance.

"[Kanye] called me up and said, 'We've had a great thing for the last couple of years, and [in] the last two weeks I think a lot of things have got out of hand, and we're brothers, come help,'" Braun explained in an interview with Guardian. "I really do love the guy. We'll see how long it lasts, but I'll always be a friend to him. We're not going to use the word 'manager.' It's not a word that he likes, nor does it really describe our relationship.  I see myself as an adviser and a partner in his efforts.”

In another part of the interview, Braun said that Kanye's "slavery was a choice" comment had to do with a "manic moment" brought on by Kanye's bipolar disorder.

"There are things he has said that I vehemently disagree with. Do I let him off the hook? No, I have conversations and I try to push the points of where I am, and I wish the world could get to hear what he’s saying in those private conversations because I think it would explain a lot and also clarify what he really meant. But, y’know,” he shrugs, “he’s Kanye.”

Do you agree with that, or was Ye just trolling?

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