Schoolboy Q's Mom Recites Lyrics To 'Collard Greens'

By HHL Editors

Jimmy Kimmel was on a roll last night. Not only did he get L.L. Cool J to talk about the time he was arrested for having sex with a couch, but he had Schoolboy Q's mom recite the lyrics to her son's hit 'Collard Greens.' Schoolboy was on the show to perform the song '2 On' with Tinashe, but it was Mrs. Q who ended up being the star of the evening.

It was part of Kimmel's Words From Your Mother feature, which has the moms of famous rappers read their progeny's most profane poetry. Of course Kimmel had Schoolboy's ma read the part of Collard Green's when Schoolboy spits "pass the blunt to my momma." Mom was game, although she added an emphatic  "I never smoked weed with that boy" to the end of the bar.

Check out that boy performing with Tinashe below.

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