Schoolboy Q Reveals That He's Sponsored By The Letter Q

By HHL Editors

Schoolboy Q's been grabbing those alphabet dollars. While appearing on Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts’ Comedy Bang! Bang!, the 'Yay Yah' emcee claimed he is actually sponsored by the letter Q.

"Quirky, queen, quilted, quietly," Schoolboy recited. "Boom. Just like that, fifty grand."

Schoolboy also revealed that 50 Cent has a similar deal with the letter S.

At first, we were sure this alphabet sponsorship thing was just a comedy show gag. But when we heard Fif was in on the hustle it made us think twice. Dude did get $78 million out a company that sells fancy men's underwear...

The full Schoolboy Q Comedy Bang! Bang! episode airs tomorrow (Jan. 23) at 11 PM.

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