There Is A Scholarly Book About Lil Wayne's Genius

By HHL Editors

Not so long ago we posted an academic study about how listening to Lil Wayne can make you dumb. Judging from the response, this pleased a lot of Weezy's doubters.

However, there is a yin to that yang in the form of The Literary Genius of Lil Wayne: The Case for Lil Wayne to be Counted among Shakespeare and Dylan.

In the book, author and University of Virginia Professor Kreston Kent not only compares Wayne to the folk singer and the bard, but he also puts Weezy's lyrics to the test against well regarded emcees like NAS, Eminem and Drake. As you can probably guess from the book's title, Wayne comes out on top.

Kent's knowledge of Lil Wayne extends beyond that of a fan; the two went to University of Houston together and on Kent's website he refers to himself as "an exact contemporary of Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr."

The book is only 46 pages long, so we're not talking about that much genius.

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