Scarface Explains Why He Rejected A Radio Single Jay Z Wrote For Him

By Sermon

Scarface's latest album, Deeply Rooted, hit shelves this past Friday. He's been making his media rounds for the last couple months, and continues to drop interesting tidbits.

His latest comes from Vibe Magazine where he revealed that in 2000 he needed a single for radio and Jay Z whipped one up that he ended up not using. Ultimately, Scarface said he wasn't comfortable with someone else writing his material.

"During a studio session circa the year 2000, Scarface mentioned to Jay Z that he needed a radio single, and Hov–being Hov–hit the booth and churned one out. Not one to have anyone else hold his pen, the song would go unrecorded, save for Jay’s reference track. Why on Earth would you not use a song written by Jay Z, especially in 2000? ‘Face simply said he “felt uncomfortable.”"
We can only wonder what the single would've sounded like.

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