Safaree Was Jumped By Meek Mill's Crew; Taunts Meek Afterward [VIDEO]

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Safaree got jumped outside of the pre-BET party at Penthouse in West Hollywood yesterday.

And it certainly looks like Meek Mill is responsible.

SB explains what happened.

Saw Meek, he hopped out, then I just got snuffed. Niggas jumped me, whole bunch of niggas," said Samuels. He clarified that Meek did not directly engage in the attack. "Meek, you are the biggest pussy on this planet. You saw me, you ain't do shit. You had your niggas jump me. One-on-one you can't fuck with me, so that's why you had to do that," he continued. "You move like a bitch. You act like you're the hardest nigga on this planet. You are not hard. You roll twenty deep everywhere because you're scared to death."
While some have cast doubt on Safaree's story, a video confirms that goons attacked Nicki Minaj's original ex about a second after Meek spots him on the street.

It also confirms that the goons barely got any licks in before Safaree escaped their grasps and contradicts Meek's Instagram claim that he wasn't in West Hollywood when Safaree got jumped.

In the studio finishing my album ... WINS & LOSSES! #theymakingupdistractions #imfocusedman

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Meek also tried clowning on Safaree in another post.

I wish I would pay attention to these homeless n#%gas

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But after watching the tape, it's hard not to award Meek yet another L.

[Safaree Opens Up About Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill & Butt Injections.]

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