Russell Westbrook Warns Young Fan Who Made Contact With Him


Russell Westbrook didn't appreciate when young a Denver Nuggets fan in the front row reached over and gave him a moderate tap during last night's OKC-Denver game.

So he gave the kid and his dad a calm talking to.

Westbrook explained what he said after the game.

"He hit me.  So I told his dad, ‘be careful, man, you can’t have your son just hitting random people. I don’t know him, he don’t know me. So, just letting him know, ‘You’ve just got to control your kids', he said. “For all fans though, there’s too much leeway for the fans to be able to touch the players and get away with it, and then you can’t react and do the things that we need to do to protect ourselves. … But I can’t do nothing. What am I going to do, hop in the stands? But there has to be some type of rule or some type of boundaries set that you can’t allow that.”

Denver won the game 121-112.

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