Royce Da 5'9 Defends The Racial Imagery Of Eminem's Anti-Trump Cypher

By HHL Editors

Eminem's scathingly anti-Trump BET cypher took place in a parking garage with a group of black men standing behind him.

Some have criticized the image that portrayed, arguing it implied black people need to stay in the background.

Em's good buddy Royce Da 5'9 was one of those in the background and he fired back at that criticism.

“Why do y’all care who was in the background of the fucking cipher?,” said Royce in an Instagram post. “Why do y’all care that it was black people in the background of the cipher. What do you think? We was casted? You think it’s some type of imaging that got put together by like some fucking white force. Eminem is my fucking friend man, Rocyce continued. "He’s been my friend since 1997. I support everything that he does. Just like he supports everything that I do. And I hope you niggas support your friends and your friends support you and if they don’t that’s your fucking problem.” He got up there and used his own platform. What do you think my black ass should do, come out the background and grab the mic? 'Give me this mic, white boy, I'm the one who's supposed to be doing this, I'm the black one.'"
Royce went on to say if you want to know how he feels about things buy his album.

What do you think of Royce's words?

I was one of those “Black people in the background of the cipher” ... Benson just died, I shouldn’t even have to think about this ... Fake woke ass niggas

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