Rowdy Rebel Explains Why Epic Records Didn't Bail Bobby Shmurda Or Him

By HHL Editors

Rapper Rowdy rebel is locked up and awaiting trial on similar charges to his more famous GS9 bro Bobby Shmruda.

In an interview with Revolt from Rickers Islands, Rowdy said his spirits were still "good" despite being a jail for almost a year. He also revealed that he has a new mixtape coming soon:

"Only update I got right now, is that I’m about to drop a mixtape since I know the streets have been waiting. It’s called Schmoney Keeps Calling, and even though I’m locked out that shit keeps calling me."

Additionally, he addressed the situation with Epic records. We've learned in the past month from label boss LA Reid that Epic isn't going to bail Shmurda out because the judge is demanding all of the $2 million in bail money upfront and Shmurda (let alone Rowdy) isn't a big enough star to justify that to the label's shareholders. Rowdy had a slightly different take. He doesn't seem to believe Epic (and their parent company Sony) would have bailed them out even if it wouldn't have cost them so much.

"I didn’t expect Epic to get us out, because at the end of the day we’re not the best of friends, they just signed us to their company," Rowdy explained. "They don’t feel the pain that my family and friends feel. I don't expect them feel that way. But on the business side, they did invest in us. I expect them to got us out. But and the end day ... they don’t really owe us nothing."

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