Rowdy Rebel Details Meek Mill's Advice; Not Taking Plea Deal

By HHL Editors

It's been a rough stretch for Rowdy Rebel, who was arrested with his partner in rhyme Bobby Shmurda back in December of 2014.

Like Shmurda, he's facing drugs, guns and conspiracy to commit murder charges and, like Bobby, he hasn't been able to make bail.

Their situations became all too real last month when their GS9 associates Rashid ‘Rasha’ Derissant and Alex ‘A-Rod’ Crandon were convicted and got massive jail sentences.

In an interview with XXL, Rowdy was asked if there was now any regret about putting Rasha and A-Rod's names in 'Hot Nigga.'

We rap how everybody else raps. Not everything in a rap is true. Leo DiCaprio make movies, they be acting and you can’t believe everything you see or hear. Everything that’s coming to light now is assumptions and he say, she say. Rasha was basically convicted off a picture the D.A. painted in front of the jury. It took the jury a week to deliberate and get to the answer. They got the answer and it wasn’t the one we were looking for.
Rowdy was then asked if he and Bobby were considering taking pleas, in light of what happened to Rasha and A-Rod.

Nah, because now you can get an appeal still. If you just plead out, there’s no way for appeal, you just copped out saying you’re guilty.
While Rowdy has been separated from Bobby, he still talks with rappers on the outside, including Meek Mill.

Meek, who's had his own (albeit much less serious) legal issues, gave Rowdy this advice.

Meek tell me all the time when I come home, keep my freedom like it’s $5 million. Don’t let nobody take your $5 million, cherish that $5 million. Do anything that’s possible to hide that $5 million from somebody trying to take it. So you gotta treat your freedom like that. I always take that to heart.
Shmurda and Rebel finally go go to trial in September.


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