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Romeo Speaks On His Relationship With Bow Wow

By HHL Editors

Bow Wow officially retired from rap last week.

The announcement sparked some reflection from Lil Romeo, who was cast as Bow Wow's young rival in the early 200os.

In an Instagram note, Romeo dismissed the competition and calls Bow Wow his big bro.

Dear young Superstar, as kids we should've worked together, we should've toured together, we should've made movies together. The funny thing is, I never looked at Bow as competition. The world made it that way. When he was 14 I was only 11. From them late nights of us and @chrisbrownofficial hooping at UCLA (Fyi I bust everybody ass ha), to my teen dance parties, he was there. What the WORLD doesn't know is that ... Once upon a time, Bow was like my big lil bro. Although we had different views, he inspired me as a kid. Sadly this generation only cares about now, and oddly laughs at history. My pops always taught me to give people their roses while they could still smell them. Just some facts about the Lil Romeo x Lil Bow Wow saga for the fans. #tbt #wordswithrome

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Did the world need that Bow Wow/Romeo collab?

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