Rob Stone Disses XXXTentacion On & Off Wax

By HHL Editors

Rob Stone has been thrust into the spotlight after XXXTentacion was knocked out while performing in Stone's hometown of San Diego.

It is believed the punch was thrown by one of Stone's goons, and XXX threw shots at Stone after he woke up from his nap.

Stone and X's issues stem from Stone's beef with X's buddy Ski Mask the Slump God.

Stone said Ski disrespected him when he cut into his set during a joint show in San Diego in April. Ski was run off the stage that night. The next night, in LA, he Ski was jumped on stage.

"He wanna act like a diva, he don't wanna show up on time, he wants to take my slot," Stone said in a new interview with Real 92.3. "How you gonna come to my city and do that? Why you wanna come to my home and do this?"
Stone went on to add that he was in the process of patching things up with Ski when XXX jumped in started taunting him.

In fact, Stone said XXX tried to get him to come see him at the now infamous San Diego show during which X got floored.

"When all of it popped off with me and Ski Mask, he DM'd [the show info] to me like, 'See you there,'" Stone recalled. "He was taunting me the whole time."
When asked if it was one of goons who did the flooring, Stone played coy, telling 92.3 he had no idea who threw the punch.

"It was a San Diego thing," he said of the attack. "It was bigger than Rob Stone. It's a city pride thing."
While Stone was unwilling to take responsibility for the attack, he had no problem slamming XXX on wax.

Here's his Zaytoven produced diss track 'xxxtracredit', which mentions XXX getting arrested for allegedly beating a pregnant woman, among other things.

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