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Rob Kardashian May Go To Jail For Posting Blac Chyna Nudes

By HHL Editors

Rob Kardashian threw an Instagram fit today and posted a bunch of photos of his baby mama Blac Chyna naked.

He did so to get revenge on her for cheating on him with a bunch of rappers -- including maybe T.I.

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The "revenge" part may be a problem for Rob, as the state of California has a law against revenge porn.

"A person who intentionally distributes the image of the intimate body part or parts of another identifiable person, or an image of the person depicted engaged in an act of sexual intercourse, sodomy, oral copulation, sexual penetration, or an image of masturbation by the person depicted or in which the person depicted participates, under circumstances in which the persons agree or understand that the image shall remain private, the person distributing the image knows or should know that distribution of the image will cause serious emotional distress, and the person depicted suffers that distress, reads California law."
According to California-based attorney Lisa Bloom, “revenge porn is illegal in CA and it certainly appears to me that Rob has violated this criminal law."

However, if prosecutors do go after Rob, he has one factor in his favor. Chyna "liked" one of the racy images Rob posted, which may make it hard to prove there was an understanding that the photos should remain private.

Rob better hope that's the case because judges and juries have doled out serious time for distributing revenge porn, and the male Kardashian doesn't seem remotely built for the inside.

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