Rita Ora Responds To A$AP Rocky's Sex Slander

By HHL Editors

On A$AP Rocky's A.L.L.A. track 'Better Things' he said some nasty things about Rita Ora.

I swear that bitch Rita Ora got a big mouth/Next time I see her might curse the bitch out/Kicked the bitch out once cause she bitched out/Spit my kids out, jizzed up all in her mouth and made the bitch bounce,” Rocky raps.
Since then we've heard Rocky explain the track, and concede that it was "tasteless." But we haven't heard much from Ora on the sexual slander.

She just spoke up yesterday during an interview with Hot 97.

"I’m not looking at it like 'you’re upsetting me' because I don’t actually give a shit. I think about it, and I don’t want people to think it's ok to speak about women like that. I don’t care what you say about me. I don’t give a flying fuck. That’s just how it is, but you know got to keep it moving. I’m very happy with what I do, and I’m proud of who I am, and what I represent" she said about the whole thing.
You can watch the video below. Are you buying Rita's no-fucks stance?

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