Rihanna Sex Stalker Broke Into Her House To Have Sex

By Daryl Nelson

A man named Eduardo Leon broke into Rihanna's L.A. area home with the intention of having sex with the singer. He was arrested for burglary, trespassing, and stalking.

According to TMZ, the man gained entrance after he disabled the alarm and stayed in the house for an entire day. He was discovered by the singer's assistant who called the police. The nut job must have got confrontational with the cops because he was tased during his arrest.

Leon said he wasn't planning to force Rihanna to sleep with him, but he didn't elaborate on what his warped game plan was. Last week, he broke into another person's house because he thought it was Ri's -- which is where the stalking charge comes in. 

Leon is being held on $150,000. Thankfully, Rihanna was out of town when all this went down.

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