Rihanna Could Release Her New Album Before 2015

By Sermon

Rihanna has spent a lot of time working on her upcoming 8th album. She's been in the studio with the likes of Ne-Yo, DJ Mustard, Ester Dean and who knows who else. We've yet to hear any real details regarding a single, a title or even a release date. However, DJ Skee has a bit of information in regards to her playing about 10 songs for label executives and hoping to secure a date before the end of this year.

That project is a lot closer than anyone realized, including her own record label,” Skee said on DASH Radio. “She’s trying to put out a project to capitalize off the fourth quarter.”

He didn't stop there. Skee also revealed "I’ve Been Searching for Something to Ignite Me When I’m Alone" as a song title and possible single. Time will tell if this information turns out to be true.

Are you ready to hear a new album from Rihanna?

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