Did Rihanna Cancel World Tour With Kanye West Because Of His Ego And His Wife?

By HHL Editors

Kanye West and Rihanna have been making music together lately,and there were all sorts of rumors that the mega stars planned to take that show on the road for a joint world tour.

But now multiple sources, including Star and OK Magazine, are reporting that Rihanna has pulled out of the tour because Kanye  is just so 'Ye and Kim Kardasian is a big-butted bad time.

"She didn't like how it was announced and felt like Kanye would take control over how the tour was promoted too," a source told OK. "She didn't want to be a part of it ... She’s worried that everyone thinks he’s a joke and he’d ruin her brand."
Speaking of brand, RiRi also didn't want to be associated with Kanye's famous other half:

"Wherever Kim goes, a huge entourage follows, and RiRi is just not in the mood for it." the source says. "She didn't want Kim to interfere with her work or her image."
Star adds this tidbit: "[Rihanna] felt like Kanye would end up hijacking the entire thing."

These are all just rumors, of course. And the tour was never officially announced. But the pairing does seem like a natural, and there had clearly been some high level discussion of joint shows.

So we guess we'll know if there was some sort of falling out between Rihanna and Kanye when the tour does or doesn't happen. Listen to the folks at Breakfast Club discus the rumors below.

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