Riff Raff Announces His Schedule Of Albums Up Until 2020

By Sermon

Nobody can predict Riff Raff. You might think you know what he's going to do next, then he takes a 180 turn and does about 10 backflips. Make sense? No? Well, that's Riff Raff. The latest example of his out of the box personality is his decision to announce his album plans up until 2020 as if he was a Marvel movie schedule.

Granted, this could be him just playing, and nothing past his upcoming album, Peach Panther is actually happening. But it looks like a believable list. It also makes you wonder how he decides on album titles. Cranberry Vampire? Maroon Moon? Is he just throwing darts at board and the color/item they land on is what he chooses? The world may never know.

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