Rick Ross Will Bet Anyone 100K That Heat Will Have Better Record Than Cavs

By HHL Editors

Rick Ross likes to propose a big sports bet. Just ask Warren Sapp.

For his latest wager, Rozay wants to find somebody who will bet him $100,000 that his hometown Miami Heat won't finish with a better regular season record than the Cleveland team Lebron James just returned home to.

"We most definitely finishing better than the Cavaliers. I’ll put 100 grand on that," Ross told Hot 97 in Miami.

"I feel like we’ll be more balanced this year," he added. "You know [Lebron] is most definitely one of the greatest ever, if not the greatest. But he brings a lot of baggage, too."

It is true that the Heat (5-3) currently lead the Cavs (3-3) in the standings by a game.  However, the season is only two weeks old, and the Cavs are beginning to bond.

Would you take Ross's action?

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