Rick Ross Loses Round One Of 'Party Rock Anthem' Copyright Case Against LMFAO

By HHL Editors

Remember back in 2011 when LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem' dominated?

Yeah, that was pretty annoying.

It really annoyed Rick Ross, because he believes the EDM track's prominent "everyday I'm shufflin' lyric was stolen from his 2006 Port of Miami cut 'Hustlin'', which goes "everyday I'm hustlin.'

He took LMFAO to court for both copyright infringement in the song, and in the "everyday I'm shufflin'" merchandise the duo sold.

Earlier this week, U.S. District Judge Kathleen Williams ruled that such a three word phrase isn't copyright-able when it comes to the merchandise.

"The question presented, however, is not whether the the lyrics of Hustlin', as arranged in their entirety, are subject to copyright protection," Williams writes in her opinion. "The question is whether the use of a three word phrase appearing in the musical composition, divorced from the accompanying music, modified, and subsequently printed on merchandise, constitutes an infringement of the musical composition Hustlin'. The answer, quite simply, is that it does not."
Ross still has a chance to win the portion of the lawsuit that focuses specifically on the two songs.

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