Rich The Kid Calls Out Older Rappers For Being Intimidated By Mumble Rap

By HHL Editors

Rich The Kid is often grouped with Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert and the other "mumble rappers."

In an interview with Vlad TV, the Atlanta spitter addresses the criticism of the mumble crowd, which tends to come from older rappers and rap fans.

"Artists that’s been in the game, they feel intimidated by younger artists coming in the game and taking shit over," Rich said, after a monologue about all of his jewelry. "They looking at they numbers and why is my shit skyrocketing over theirs? They like 'What’s up, where are these niggas coming from? They come in doing shows and they’re screaming for them now.’ They getting upset, it's just getting ridiculous. I feel it It’s the rap game, it’s the rap industry, it’s music. It’s okay."
Next he addresses the "mumble rapper" label specifically:

"If the kids like it, whoever this music pertains to — if they like, that’s for them. That’s for that crowd. That’s what art is for. It's my music. It's my craft. If you don’t like then turn it off. Don’t count it in your playlist."
Do you agree with Rich's argument that as long as a good chunk of folks are feeling it, it's legit?

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