Rhymefest Talks Leaving Studio After Hearing Kanye West's 'Bleached Asshole' Line

By Daryl Nelson

Rhymefest did a stint on BET's Rate The Bars during which he was asked the rate the most notorious line from his (former) good friend Kanye West's TLOP cut "Father Stretch My Hands Part 1".

“Now if I fuck this model / And she just bleached her asshole/ And I get bleach on my T-shirt/ I’ma feel like an asshole," Kanye raps.

Rhymefest wasn't feeling those words one bit.

“When I first heard this lyric I said, ‘Huh, what that mean? What are you talking about?'" said Rhymefest. "There was another rapper there that I'm not gonna name, that was like 'Nah, that's that hot shit. Rhymefest just old. He don't like that. That's that old-school Hip Hop shit' ... I said 'That nigga wanna be famous. That person is trying to do something.'" 

“I said, ‘This is not who you are,'" he continued.  "'Who you are is your humanity and vanity have to fight each other. If it’s all vanity or all humanity, it don’t work' ... This right here, this was the beginning and this is when I took an airplane and went home and said, ‘Fuck it.' I give [that line] a zero."

What are your thoughts on those bars? You can listen to Rhymefest's entire conversation below.

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