Rhymefest Believes Kanye West Is Mentally Ill And Needs Help

By HHL Editors

Kanye West has dominated the news cycle over the last few days with his still unreleased album The Life Of Pablo.

The rollout has been brilliant or bi-polar or maybe a bit of both.

In other words, it's been classic 'Ye.

However, his old buddy Rhymefest -- who came up with West in Chicago, and who's written for him credited or otherwise -- sees something especially disturbing in 'Ye's recent behavior.

He explained his concern on Twitter.

Rhymfest tweet Rhymfest tweet 2

While Rhymefest isn't a mental health professional, he has history of offering mental health diagnoses: Last year he informed the world that Chief Keef was autistic, citing Sosa's facial structure.

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