Reporter Nipsey Hussle Threatened Over Diddy Comments Wants To Fight For Real


After Diddy cut a video in which he stated his desire to buy the Carolina Panthers, RON4 reporter Henry Wofford mocked him on air.

"By the way, how can you take Diddy seriously?" Wofford said. “The guy looks high right there in this video. He looks like he smoked a blunt and drank a 40. Come on, I’m not taking him seriously ... You gotta stay in your comfort zone. If you know music go and do your music."

Wofford's words angered Nipsey Hussle, who came at him on Instagram and on TMZ sports, where he threatened to "beat" Wofford's "ass."


Wofford just saw the TMZ video and he accepted the challenge on Twitter. Nipsey then reiterated his desire to harm Wofford.

Do you think they'll end up throwing hands?

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