Report Reveals How Many Z02s Big Baller Brand Sold First Day

By HHL Editors

There had been reports that Lonzo Ball's signature Z02 sneaker sold 5000 units in its first day.

At $495 and up a pop, that would put around $2.5 million in the Big Baller Brand coffers, and make LaVar Ball the most arrogant man on the planet.

But that's not what happened.

The sneakerheads at did an in-depth analysis, and found the real number was a lot lower.

I had tracked the inventory levels of the footwear items on the site throughout the day, and found that while quite a few pairs were deducted from inventory since the shoes went on sale, it was nowhere near 5,000 pairs. This afternoon at 1:10PM PDT, our features writer Nick DePaula placed an order on for a pair of sweatshorts that he had been excitedly eyeing. The invoice number for his order was #4712. This means that in the first 24 hours after the shoes went online, there was a total of 328 total transactions for all items on the site, including the wide variety of t-shirts, hats, and other accessories. Out of the 328 transactions that happened on in the first 24 hours that the shoes were offered for sale, we tracked that a total of just 263 pairs of sneakers had sold in both signed and unsigned versions of the ZO2 Prime. While we have no access to sales receipts, transactions or traffic data, we have been monitoring the inventory levels of the footwear listed on After noting the initial product levels at the start and deducting the current units sold, we can confidently say that 210 pairs of unsigned ZO2 Primes had sold (103 pairs in sz 8.5 alone), along with 53 autographed ZO2 Primes. While $157,685 is an incredible amount of sales in one day, it is far from the $2.5Million that numerous outlets have reported today online.
Is the Z02 something you could imagine yourself buying?

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