Report: Lil Reese Was Shot Over A Feature Gone Wrong


Lil Reese is out of the hospital and back on the streets of Chiraq after getting shot in Country Club Hills, Illinois on Monday by a man who jumped out of a car with out-of-state plates.

According to AllHipHop, it was over a feature gone wrong:

Apparently, an unnamed rapper paid Lil Reese $20,000 for a verse (WOW!), but the Chicago rapper allegedly did not send his Pro Tools session back! Well, we now live in a world where people are being stabbed over Popeye's chicken sandwiches. We know they are not going to have a problem with firing 12 rounds at you over $20K! Like the Feds and AR-AB, the alleged attempted murderer-slash-rapper, he looked at Reese's social media to locate him. And when he found out...

No word on who the rapper Reese finessed was.

Reese hasn't confirmed any for this, but he is willing to tell his story .. for a cool million dollars.

"Tell [Vlad of VladTV] I need a million for this story this sh*t ain’t fake or free sh*t bigger then 50 rick Ross and whoever els," Reese typed.

Vlad saw the Tweet and turned him right down.


Do you think Reese will get some cash for his ordeal or will he end up giving up the details for free?

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