Report: Lil Pump's Warner Bros Deal Void


We had heard that Lil Pump signed a record contract Tha Lights Global, an imprint of Warner Bros Records, in June.

The deal was for five albums and came with a $345,000 advance. It could pay out a couple million more in advances, and 15 percent of royalties after the advances.

They weren't the world's greatest terms.  Particularly because it sounded like it was a 360 deal, meaning the label could get a piece of his show money, his merchandise, his endorsements, his TV and movie appearances, etc. 

Now we are getting word that deal has been voided and the 17-year old Pump is a free agent. 


Given his Warner's deal was signed before "Gucci Gang" blew up, it stands to reason that Pump would make a lot more on a new deal.

Update: HitsDailyDouble says Pump's deal at Warner Bros. was voided because it was signed when he was a minor.

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