Report: Kendall Jenner Is No Longer Dating Devin Booker


When the playoffs began, Devin Booker was dating Kendall Jenner and he played for the best team in the NBA.

Now neither of these things are true.

Last night, Luka Doncic humiliated Booker in their contentious individual match up and the Dallas Mavericks eliminated the Phoenix Suns with a stunning 33-point Western Conference semi-finals Game 7 victory.

To make matters worse (or better, depending on what you think of Kardashians) Jenner is no longer dating Booker.

According to Black Sports Online:

Their current relationship status is unknown but according to several sources, they are on a BREAK.

“I heard from several sources that Kendall & Devin were definitely on a break”.

Do you think Booker can bounce back from all of this?

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