Report: Game Is Pissed At Meek Mill Because Of Sean Kingston Robbery Aftermath

By HHL Editors

The Game's verbal attack on Meek Mill last night seemingly came from nowhere.

But there may be a backstory as to why Game told a club audience he was going to beat Meek up for being a snitch, and then dropped the diss track '92 Bars' on him.

According to TMZ -- who spoke to sources close to both rappers -- Meek and Game were both present in June when Sean Kingston was hit with a bottle and got his 300K chain snatched at the Penthouse Nightclub & Dayclub in LA.

Game believes  Meek told Kingston that Game or someone in his crew was responsible for the attack and robbery -- which is why Game called Meek a "snitch."

Police tell TMZ that police never believed Game was a suspect, and have closed the case because Kingston isn't cooperating.

Here's what Game said about Meek in '92 Bars:'

She got a couple mill and she don't even know Meek And ever since that nigga snitched on me we just don't speak See that shit you got with Drake is like a slow leak Blood'll be dripping like Niagara if I poke Meek Nicki won't get no sleep, I'm coming through at 4 a.m Four deep, to leave his dead body on the soaked sheets It could happen lowkey You better have Ross call me or you gon' be eye level with a roach feet This ain't a diss, nigga This is all lives matter except this nigga's


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