Report: Drake To Stay At Universal Music Group


Drake's album Scorpion has completed his deal with Cash Money, making him a free agent.

For his next deal, he could forgo a traditional record contract, either linking up with a streaming company, like Apple or Spotify, or sign a touring package with Live Nation, which would bundle his recorded output with a touring deal.

Hits Daily Double is hearing he's going to stay right at Universal Music Group, which is Cash Money's parent company.

The smart money says that the only deal Drake is out of is his longtime pact with Cash Money, and that he already has a new arrangement in place with Uni. While nothing official has been announced, it’s likely that Drake has been given his own label with fabulous terms and amazing splits. As usual, only Drake knows when he’ll be dropping his next set, but typically contracts like the expiring one with Cash Money contain clauses concerning conflicting release date. Theoretically, a new Drake set could mitigate the success of the current project, but you never know what kinds of deals can be worked out when you’re on fire like the Canuck wonder.

Earlier this week, Variety reported that Drake will drop a new project when he announces his new deal - and that could be very soon.

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