Report: August Alsina Flashed Gun At Overzealous Fans

By HHL Editors

There's been a lot of drama in August Alsina's life lately.

Last week, the R&B star opened up about his serious liver disease.

Earlier this week, in a somewhat related incident, he reportedly pulled a gun on fans who were harassing him.

According to police who spoke to TMZ, Alsina was shopping at a Los Angeles area Food 4 Less store Wednesday night when three women and a man started hounding him for a photo.

He wasn't feeling well, because of his liver issues, and didn't want to take a picture. But the group wouldn't stop asking and followed him to his car

So August allegedly grabbed a gun from his vehicle, stuck it in his waistband and flashed the butt of the firearm at the photo seekers.

By the time the cops arrived Alsina was gone.

But the police were still able to determine he didn't point the gun or make verbal threats, so it's unlikely he'll be charged with anything.

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