Redman Says Rappers Who Show Off Money Are Actually Broke

By Daryl Nelson

Redman has never been one to show off his money. In fact, he sometimes downplays how well he's doing. Remember that episode of MTV Cribs where he "flexed" his small New Jersey home?

In an interview with Hip-Hop Motivation, Funk Doc said the rappers who flaunt their dough are actually broke. He also talked about his investing strategy. 

“If I do an investment, I wanna do it with something that’s big, that’s about that grandchildren money,” he explained. “That my-grandchildren-can-be-straight kind of money. Not that buying-the-Benz-and-jewelry kind of money. Niggas that show money ain’t got no money. They ain’t really got no motherfuckin’ money. Only motherfucker that can do that is Floyd Mayweather.”

In another part of the interview, Redman explained why he and Method Man continue to be in such high demand after all these years.

“My name is sacred. Redman and Method Man, our name is sacred,” he said. “You don’t see our name on no grows, no vape pens, no bullshit that you could say, ‘Oh, we’re tired of their name.’ That’s why we still working like it’s the ’90s. We do shows like it’s still the ’90s. We have to turn down shows because we get so many shows. So, I guess that’s another good lesson of keeping your name brand at a higher level without it being whored out from endorsing too much.”

Do you agree with what Redman said about rappers flaunting their money and being broke?

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