Redman Explains How They Cut Him & Method Man Out Of 'How High 2'


Everyone was pretty shocked when it was announced How High 2 would star Lil Yachty and DC Young Fly and that OG stars Method Man and Redman wouldn't appear in it.

As Redman explained on the Grass Roots Podcast, he was just as shocked as everyone.

“Long story short, Me and Meth we’re not aware of the transaction of this movie,” Red confesses. “My thing is, you have a brand like Red and Meth helped build and create this entity of How High … those are all our ideas. When the new deal came about, we weren't involved in it.  The head of Universal and the people we were connected with to shoot How High 2, they wasn't even aware. What happened is that a branch under Universal decided that they were going to shoot this movie. And they didn't need permission from us because we don't have the rights. They decided they were going to shoot How High 2 under MTV ... this new branch decided they wanted to get younger people."

"This is the whole thing,  Red and Meth have been promoting this movie on the road for the least ten years," Redman continued. "You couldn't pay for that kind of promotion. And we had two writers working on the movie. They were two black dudes ... far as me and Meth know, we were waiting on a new script to read for How High 2. Out of the blue we got calls from everywhere like 'Yo Lil Yachty is starring in the movie', 'Yo it's on MTV' and I'm like wait a minute ... what's going on?"

He went on to say that they could have been in the movie in supporting roles, but he and Meth were too irked about the shady way the deal went down to want to appear.

He also made clear that he has no animosity toward Yachty or Young Fly, and that he hopes they take the roles and run with them.

Jump to the 52-minute mark to hear Redman speak on how they took the How High franchise from him.

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