Redditors Share Tales Of Sex With Rappers

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There's a pretty epic "Girls Who Have Slept With Rock Stars" Ask Reddit thread going on this week. Most of the sordid tales do involve those in the rock genre (that John Mayer sure is a freak) but a bunch of rappers were discussed.

Of course, just because somebody said it on Reddit it doesn't mean that it's true. That in mind, here a few funny Hip Hop anecdotes from the thread.

One of my ex girlfriends roommates slept with Lil Wayne back in college after a show in D.C. When he had finished, he threw a hundred dollar bill at her and kicked her off the tour bus.
There's some debate if is a rapper or not, but this item clears up the debate over his sexuality.

"Friend of mine slept with Will I Am from the blackeyed peas. She wouldn’t shut up about it for months. I was reading a rolling stone interview with the group and the interviewer asked something like “I heard you were at the sundance film festival this year, what did you guys do while you were there?” the response was comical: “Bought several boxes of condoms and used every single one." we stopped hearing about her trophy sex after that. To all those with the assumptions that will is gay… this was back in 2002. so, maybe times have changed?
This one about the Wu Tang Clan is also pretty funny.

I went to see Wu-Tang clan at the Show box in Seattle around 2010 with some friends and one of them, let’s call her Stacy, disappeared toward the end of the show. We were hesitant to leave without her but she texted saying she was hooking up with someone in Wu-Tang and she’d talk to us tomorrow. The next day she called and said she got 'dicked down', but then asked me what the white guy in Wu-Tang’s name was.. I got a good laugh off of that one.
Maybe "Stacy" was this chick.

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