Rapper Dies Of Synthetic Marijuana OD While In Prison

By HHL Editors

It's been said you can't OD on marijuana.

But apparently you can on the synthetic stuff.

Last spring, Michael Garrett, the co-leader of a Brooklyn gang called Together Forever Mafia, was convicted of racketeering, murder, sex trafficking of underage prostitutes, and drug trafficking. The trial was notable because the rap videos Garrett and other Together Forever Mafia members posted to YouTube were used against them as evidence.  The 40-year old faced the possibility of life in prison without parole.

We've just learned that earlier this year Garrett died after taking too much synthetic marijuana while locked up and awaiting sentencing.

According to the Daily News:

A spokeswoman for the city medical examiner said Garrett’s death has been classified as “accidental,” due to cardiovascular disease with a contributing factor of an overdose of synthetic marijuana. "I’m incredulous,” said Garrett’s former lawyer James Lisa after the Daily News informed him Friday of the autopsy results. "He was in federal custody. That’s not like Rikers Island or a county facility."
Prison experts say it's extraordinarily difficult for inmates to get drugs in the type of Federal facility Garrett was locked up in.

In fact, the Brooklyn jail in which Garrett overdosed is so secure it will likely house El Chapo, who's just been extradited to the US.

Between that and the dying from weed, are you buying the Feds' explanation of Garrett's death?

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