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Ralo Responds With Cash After Google Messes Up His Net Worth

By Daryl Nelson

Ralo wants you to know that he has way more money than a half a million dollars.

On Instagram, 'The Dopeman' rapper claimed that Google listed his net worth incorrectly, and he posted a video to prove them wrong.

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"Hey, I just looked on Google, and they stated my net worth is only $500,000," said Ralo. "These apartments cost $2 million ... That car cost a half a million dollars, nigga. So you need to go on and tell Google to stop lying on me."
A couple of months ago, Future said that the Gucci Mane signed artist is the only rapper he knows that has a lot of dough but still lives in the hood. Ralo discussed his living situation afterward.

"They keep on asking me why the fuck I’m still in the hood, and I got all that god damn money,” he said. “I’m not in the hood ’cause I can’t get out the hood. I’m in the hood, ’cause this where I want to be at. This shit needs help. Them suburb motherfuckers, they don’t need help. We’ve been taken away from the community all our lives … We’ve been selling dope in this motherfucker and then go get us a spot way on the other side of town and just say ‘fuck what’s going on around here.'”
Why do you think Ralo is so concerned with letting people know how much money he has -- especially given where he lives?

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